Direct admin hosting panel with Cloud Linux 

Redundant DNS
DNS helps to translate your domain ( into the IP address of your server where your website is hosted. In modern days, attackers can down the Domain Name Server with a different type of sophisticated attacks like DDoS. Having redundant DNS by registering in two or more DNS can ensure your website is online in case of one DNS failure. 

Remote Daily Backups
Are you looking for cheapest hosting with high quality? At NRA networks, we provide remote daily backup and one-click restores. With remote backups, automatic backups of hosted files, databases, and emails are generated daily to help you restore to any point of time in case your sites get hacked or corrupted. You can even download the remote backup locally on your hard drive in the form of a .zip file ..

24/7/365 Monitoring
Our support team are ready to handle any issue 24/7/365 also we monitor the traffic continuously to rate limit, block, or capture any irregular traffic spike or malicious activity from a bot or user.

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  • Business SSD

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    € 3,00 / month 

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    Professional SSD

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  • Enterprise SSD

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